Doom and gloom?  I don’t know, probably.  I hope so.  I wonder what happens to all of the nuclear reactors if the power goes out long enough.  Perhaps that is our fail safe plan to discourage would be sabateurs.  For some reason or another this one sticks around.  Like the fear of all out nuclear war “used” to do.  How do you prepare for no power?  People are much more vicious and resourceful than they give themselves credit for.  People would survive.  But to face what?  If the power only went out in portions of North America, would the rest of the world stay uninvolved in our affairs, for good or ill?  I doubt that very much.  And if power went out globally, as is suggested in the TV show “Revolution”, would that be better or worse?  Don’t know.  Food for thought.

Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life.  God bless and God bless America!!!



In the Fight

First off, thanks be to Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior.  May he forgive me of my sins.  May he lead me not into temptation.  May he deliver me from evil.  In the name of  Jesus Christ and in the name of the Father,and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit and by the power of the blood of Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior, Amen and Amen!!!


February 25, 2017

First posts are probably some of the harder and more meaningless.  As things roll along they should gain more shape and harmony.  Well, I know exactly how to comment about other people’s ideas.  Perhaps now is the time to shape some opinion and discourse of my own.

I think most are looking for validation or reassurance that things are going to get better.  Well, they may get better, but things won’t get better by themselves.  And even if we do give it our all, things could still fall apart in ways few can adaquately imagine.  For some ideas read Cormac McCarthy’s book “The Road”, or “The Remaining” series by D.J. Molles.  The point being that we must try and occupy until the Lord’s return in whatever way he calls us to do.  Even if that is only to rage against the darkness and provide hope that the light will again return.

God bless and God bless America!!!