Like Wolves



Men Of Harlech Hold The Line

f11bcbe596a1318b3d56d090bb09ce65“Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.”  Such is the way of the world anymore, where any discussions involving whites and non white people rather quickly descends into unintelligible nonsense.  My position is this, atrocities are currently taking place in South Africa by blacks against whites, if I’m missing the context of 200 plus years of brutal colonialism, then so be it.  Atrocities are also occuring around Europe by primarely black muslims and muslim migrants in general, and much more importantly to me, in America by blacks against whites.  Again if I’m missing the context of 400 years of oppression and slavery, then so be it.  Blacks are not the only people to keep or be slaves in the history of the world.  Blacks, especially in America, are certainly not slaves presently.  The psychopathological nature of extremely violent black males is more than disturbing.  It’s oftentimes life changing or life ending.  Extremely little ground to cover from static to homicidal, when it comes to black pride apparently.

Tima Kurdi’s Brother, Sister-In-Law, And Nephews

Tima Kurdi is a brave women.  So is Tulsi Gabbard.  Are you aware that 500,000 people have died in Syria in the last six or seven years?  I wasn’t, I was aware of the war and the horrible slaughter and  persecution of Christians by various muslim groups and foreign muslim mercenaries recruited by isis and apparently armed by forces inside the U.S. government.  And it continues, day after day, and no one is held accountable.  Things finally got so ridiculous, that the Russians had to step up and be the responsible adults, and not completely self-serving neo commies.  Because NO ONE else lifted a finger to stop the bloodshed and the madness.  Thank you to these brave women for their efforts to find peace.


0af325c24b801509fd4975c2b4e7c92aHere is an audio from Dave Hodges who is a dedicated watchman, as far as I know.  Along with one of his regular guests from the glolden state.  Many Americans are dismayed by the divisions in our country.  Many Americans, hispanic or otherwise are obviously patriotic and decent productive people.  Many however also choose not to acknowledge the crime, the race and or Catholic supremacy, the disrespect for America, it’s people and laws by illegal and legal immigrants.  God bless and God bless America!!!

Saboteurs, Spies, And Traitors

61-vfqk3ilWho is Imran Awan?  Why does this story not go away?  What were he and his brothers and their wives up to while working for numerous peeps in the gubment, and hobnobbing with bubba bill his very own self?  Curiouser and curiouser, seems worthy of the lame stream media’s attention, no?  Well, I’m pretty sure the demoncrats can police themselves.  Not like they’re enemies of the Republic or anything, right?  And with “top” men on the case from our valiant fsb, I mean cia, everythings gonna be ok, nothing to see here, right?  Or maybe not.  Maybe this is the tip of an iceburg, perpetuated by lying traitors and kept easily hidden by the complicity of our “dear” leaders and criminal negligence of the pressitutes, I mean, hard for the red guard working media.