Das Juden Haben Waffes!

Horrifying look at the slow starvation and slaughter of Polish Jews in the Warsaw ghetto.   Fairly interesting, gripping, and inspiring retelling of Isaac Zuckerman and Jewish resistance.



Clip from the movie “Defiance”, about the Belrussian, Jewish Bielski brothers, and their leadership shepherding refugees on the run during World War II.


“I will bless those who bless you, and I will curse him who curses you.  And in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed” Gen 12:3, NKJV.


Age Of Aquarius Took A Wrong Turn At Albuquerque


These hippies and their degenerate children have been causing quite a bit of trouble for a very long time.  Still think mary jane should be decriminalized?  I wondered in the comment section of this article if a desire to silence morality is driven by those in power’s perversions.  Which apparently did not get past the moderators at Gates One Institute.  First time that happened.



National But Perhaps Not American

Sounds pretty good if something like this could get passed.  Seems to make a lot of sense to me.  Until I read the comment that went along with the post from Hugh Latimer of Survivalblog.   I’m more in favor of it than not.  It seems like it would simplify the laws and further gun rights, right now.  As opposed to worrying about something that may not even occur. However, perhaps that is the more mature way to look at it.




Fire When It’s Cold

“Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom which cannot be shaken, let us have grace, by which we may serve God acceptably with reverance and Godly fear.  For our God is a consuming fire” Heb 12:28-29, NKJV.

“He lays the beams of His upper chambers in the waters, Who makes the clouds His chariot, Who walks on the wings of the wind, who makes His angels spirits, His ministers a flame of fire” Ps 104:3-4, NKJV.

Weak Are Ripped And Torn Away

If you find yourself riding alone in green fields, with the sun on your face, do not be troubled.

“For who is this uncircumcised Philistine, that he should defy the armies of the living God?” Sam 1:26, NKJV.  “Your servant has killed both lion and bear;  and this uncircumcised Philistine will be like one of them, seeing he defied the armies of the living God” Sam 1:36, NKJV.