The Great Unraveling


Yeah, if you’re into prepping, then it’s probably died down for you now that all of the false, but scary enough at the time, alarms have kinda come and gone.  Well, I can’t claim to not have some serious doom and gloom fatigue as well.  At what point can we stop worrying?  After years of doing this, it gets kind of old.  I can’t say when it will be ok to stop worrying, but I can encourage people to try and stay dedicated and also to try something new.  Be flexible.  Probably before the election and even now frankly, people were unsure what was going to occur.  So now may be the time to reasses and or try new things for the same old problems of what do about food, water, shelter, defense, and other things.  One thing people may have overlooked is praying and reading the Word of God, the Holy Bible. I guess many people don’t like Jim Bakker, but he kept the discussion going on many topics for many years and continues to this day.  One voice among many and he among many others does sell food.  God bless and God bless America!!!


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