Saboteurs, Spies, And Traitors

61-vfqk3ilWho is Imran Awan?  Why does this story not go away?  What were he and his brothers and their wives up to while working for numerous peeps in the gubment, and hobnobbing with bubba bill his very own self?  Curiouser and curiouser, seems worthy of the lame stream media’s attention, no?  Well, I’m pretty sure the demoncrats can police themselves.  Not like they’re enemies of the Republic or anything, right?  And with “top” men on the case from our valiant fsb, I mean cia, everythings gonna be ok, nothing to see here, right?  Or maybe not.  Maybe this is the tip of an iceburg, perpetuated by lying traitors and kept easily hidden by the complicity of our “dear” leaders and criminal negligence of the pressitutes, I mean, hard for the red guard working media.


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