The savage barbarism as evidenced by black predators upon each other and whites is legion.  You know, most whites really don’t give a crap what the color of somebody’s skin is, and if they are “rabid” race realists, as they like to refer to themselves, they don’t go out and specifically do much of anything.  The same cannot be said of leftists who shame anyone into sheeplike compliance with their version of what’s acceptable for the last fifty years across the width and breadth of society.  Or more immediatelly, the same cannot be said, of what only can be described as demon possessed black supremicists who routinely rape, murder, and terrorize anyone unfortunate enough to be around them.  In the first article concerning the plight of Africaners in South Africa, no one is suggesting that blacks have not suffered under apartheid.  However, look at the savagery committed by blacks against whites in South Africa.  Or demonstrate to me that Rhodesia is so much better today without white dominance or for that matter, South Africa.  A lost cause to be sure, and efforts would be better spent in repatriating millions of productive, decent enough Africaners back to Europe or perhaps America instead of the madness of violent, incompatible muslims.  Things are quite bad in South Africa for these people and they either cannot afford to emmigrate or are not allowed to do so.

The second two examples are some of the more recent horrific examples of black on white crime in America against the innocent and defenseless.  Bravery does not seem to come into play with demon possessed scum such as this very often, if at all.  Small sample of a national epidemic of hyper violent psychopaths that the police must deal with daily.  Third article somewhat larger list of crimes, but still nothing of the actual extent.  The “media” continues to, for their own reasons, cover up these crimes to their evil shame.  What is also never discussed is the bullying, disruption, and outright terrorizing of our children in public schools and the acts of obedience all non blacks and some blacks alike must take in their jobs and daily lives in general to stay on the not so good side of the politically correct powers that be and the monsters in our midst.


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